Visual Inspection with High Resolution Cameras

Inspect towers more frequently and at lower cost without interrupting service. Keep track of inventory and assets. Inspect details more frequently to improve preventative maintenance. Monitor vegetation growth and access to the tower. Improve tower performance and revenue.



Visual and Radiometric Thermal Imaging Cameras

Access hard to reach or dangerous locations while plants are operating with visual and radiometric thermal imaging cameras. Spot mechanical and electrical components that are operating above specified temperature ranges in order to program preventative maintenance before an unplanned shutdown occurs due to a component failure. Flights can be performed frequently and efficiently. Plant uptime and revenue can be increased while costs from unplanned shut downs can be avoided.



Autonomous Flight Missions, 180X Zoom and FLIR Thermal Imaging Cameras

Utilize high powered zoom cameras or night time thermal imaging cameras to provide aerial coverage for large facilities or hard to reach locations. Precise autonomous pre planned flight missions provide efficiency and repeatability. Live stream camera feeds into security centers on site or off site. Pair our drones with K9 Security teams to provide effective security coverage for large facilities or sensitive locations without the need to carry guns or lethal weapons.