We offer a practical solution to measure stockpile inventories accurately and efficiently with minimal disturbance and downtime in the plant. We create precise 3D models with thousands of sample points per pile, improving accuracy and speed of measurement. Our reporting can provide a snapshot of pile volumes at a specific point in time or can be setup to programmatically measure changes in the piles over time.


Blasting is one of the largest expenses in mining and rock quarries. We help our clients by accurately measuring blasting and extraction progress over time to insure their blasting investment is translating into the correct volume of raw material extracted.


We help our clients reduce costly downtime and improve the productivity of their crushing and sorting facilities. Our industrial drones are equipped with radiometric thermal imaging cameras to safely collect data from crushers, sorters, conveyor motors, gearboxes and electrical panels while the plant is operating. Our technicians can detect component temperature variations in real time while the drone is in the air and record radiometric images for accurate future temperature analysis. We provide our clients with in-situ reporting to address urgent issues and long term temperature trend analysis on specific components for enhanced preventative maintenance.


Internal road condition and grade have a significant impact on large trucks and machinery in rock quarries and mines. Proper road condition and grade can significantly reduce fuel consumption, improve useful life of truck tires, brakes and suspension, and can improve safety. Through our 3D modeling and analysis process we can accurately identify road quality issues that require repair and measure road grade. Our reporting includes detailed maps of the facilities with recommendations for corrections.


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