We provide fast, safe and efficient access to critical information that is otherwise difficult, costly or impossible to obtain.

Wireless Access Point Installation


  • Inspect tower structures efficiently and safely using visual and thermal imaging.

  • Improve the quality and frequency of data flow.

  • Receive detailed analysis and reporting on component condition.

  • Track inventory and serial numbers on key components remotely.


  • Safely and efficiently inspect wind turbine and blades with minimized down time. Detailed inspections typically take less than 2 hours from stop to re-start of the turbine.

  • Monitor blades and key components more frequently to identify issues that reduce performance and may lead to failure or costly repairs if not dealt with immediately.

  • Identify early signs of de-lamination on wind turbine blades with detailed imagery and thermal inspections.

  • Typical inspections produce more than 1,000 images. Our team provides detailed image analysis and customized reporting to meet our clients needs.



  • We inspect support towers, transmission lines and sub-stations from a safe location using high resolution visual and radiometric thermal imaging without the need to shut down service.

  • We utilize robust drones with RTK positioning systems to provide safe and reliable navigation around electromagnetic interference.

  • We utilize industry specific software to analyze data and provide customized reports to meet our clients needs.

  • We help our clients improve system up time through improved preventative maintenance and more efficient use of their maintenance resources.


  • We perform detailed inspections, data analysis and reporting for STS cranes.

  • Our inspections can be performed with the boom vertical or horizontal while actively loading or unloading ships.

  • Our solution reduces inspection time per crane and better informs preventative maintenance to reduce down time and long term cost.

Construction Crane Operation
Screen Shot 2017-12-27 at 9.10.23 AM.png


  • Monitor progress over extremely large structures or over large areas with frequent aerial inspections on an hourly, daily, weekly or monthly basis.

  • Monitor details critical to timelines or quality control.

  • Monitor wear and tear on critical components over time with radiometric thermal and visual imaging.

  • Frequent monitoring of key components can help improve preventative maintenance and reduce unplanned plant shutdowns.

  • Monitor earth movement and measure surface areas with 3D imaging.

  • Quickly inspect and track assets including machinery or large volumes of materials.


  • Wether you need a unique aerial solution or you would like us to carry your software, sensor and payload on our aircraft we are here to help. Please reach out to us to discuss your requirements.

  • Support monitoring and enforcement in protected areas.

  • Assist with data collection to support policy and decision making.

  • Assess effectiveness of large scale restoration efforts.

  • Monitor compliance with environmental laws and permits for large scale construction projects.

Aerial View of Islands


For security, commercial and industrial data collection our go to platform is the Matrice 200 and 210 RTK. This state of the art platform is flexible and durable. It is capable of flying in the rain and in dusty environments. It can carry multiple camera and sensor payloads, including high power zoom and radiometric thermal imaging. Its D-RTK GNSS positioning system means more stable data collection and accurate navigation even in areas with high interference.



Helping farmers improve crop health and yield.


Aerial inspection of crops provides a view that is impossible to see any other way.

  • Get a view of the entire field using visual, thermal and multi-spectral imaging to assess the health of the land and the crop on a farm wide basis.

  • With the right information, farmers can focus on the areas of the farm that need the most attention.



For movies, television, web, promotional materials and live broadcast.


We support your aerial photography and cinematography requirements with our fleet of Inspire 2 aircraft and Zenmuse X5S and X7 camera systems. We can provide multiple aircraft, pilots and camera operators for critical missions, and we can record up to 6k RAW video and 24mp images with with a variety of lenses and a gorgeous wide dynamic range. This platform is ideal for professional photography, documentary, television and movie projects that require state of the art aerial solutions for the most demanding shots without the hassle, cost or complexity of ownership. Our team has experience working on movie sets, television commercials and live broadcast events and is ready to serve in these exacting and rigorous settings.

Learn more about the X7 Camera. 

Learn more about the X5S Camera.



This footage was captured with our Inspire 2 aircraft with X7 gimbal stabilized camera system. It was originally recorded RAW in CinemaDNG at 5.2 and 6k resolution.



Drone Powered Solutions

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